Aseania resort & SPA Langkawi


I just stayed only one night in Aseania resort & SPA Langkawi in Jan.2016. I would say this was the general family hotel, which is the middle class. The cost was very reasonable. I think it was round USD 60 per night including the breakfast buffet.

However, this hotel is not located near the beach. Thus, you can only enjoy the swimming pool. The kids, who are around 3-6 years old, will be suitable with the safe condition.

This is inside of the room in the superior class.

IMG 0836

You find the desk to work.

IMG 0837

The safety deposit box was installed in the closet as well. Very safe.

IMG 0839

This is the shower room without the bath tab.

IMG 0840

Swimming pool!

IMG 0862

I was reading the book on the chair.

IMG 0842

You see the water slope!

IMG 0843

For the dinner, I was getting tired to stay in the whole day. I went to the restaurant near the hotel, called Red Tomato. Actually, it was very good price to get the simple dinner with the guitar player.

IMG 0844 IMG 0845 IMG 0846 IMG 0847

All in all, as you see, the cost performance was very good to stay in the short period like me. If you want to go to the beach or the ocean view, I recommend you to choose the other hotel to be honest.


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