Mountain resort in Koh Lipe


I stayed Mountain resort in Koh Lipe during several days in Jan. 2016.

I would like to introduce the situation of the hotel as the following with the picture and the movie.


The average price per night was JPY 9,770, which means approximately USD 82 according to the current FOREX (31.Jan2016).


This is the famous view from the restaurant. I was sitting the same seat all day during the breakfast.

IMG 0591


This is my breakfast. The dishes have the variety from the asian food to the western food.


IMG 0583


I had the lunch in the hotel restaurant severe times as the following.


IMG 0596


This is the morning beach. The depth is very low as compared as the other time. You can walk to the sand island too.


IMG 0714


Sometimes, I enjoyed the local food like that. Actually it was very good!


IMG 0727


The following two pictures are the menu. As you can see, the price was really similar to the downtown price. Usually, the price in the hotel should be slightly higher than the downtown. But this is very reasonable. You do not have to go to the downtown to save the budget. 

In addition, I confirmed it is easy to find the kids food as well.


IMG 0720

IMG 0721


This is the lodges in the mountain view, which is the standard room.


IMG 0740


I took the picture on the final day during the sunrise.


IMG 0774


Finally, you can enjoy the movies in Youtube. The shuttle between the downtown and this motel was from 15:00 to 23:00 in every 20 minutes. You do not have to pay anything. The final movie is the situation from the meeting point to the hotel. A little shaking… But it is less than 5 minutes.


As the result, the cost performance was very good. It is the rare situation to find the nice coral in front of the hotel beach easily. Kids should enjoy the coral and many fish. If you have the diving license, I would suggest to enjoy the snorkel without the diving. Because, as I said, it is easy to find the nice coral with the 3-5 m depth from the beach. 



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