My trip schedule to Koh Lipe


I would like to introduce regarding my trip schedule for Koh Lipe, Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur as the following.

I was leaving from Kansai International Airport, called KIX, to Langkawi by Air Asia

10. Jan. 2016: 23:35 – 0535 + 1day (KIX – Kuala Lumpur)

I just arrived early in the morning on schedule and hurried to the domestic airport, because the transit time is very tight. I would suggest you take the flight after one hour.

11. Jan. 2016: 07:30 -08:30 (Kuala Lumpur – Langkawi)

Due to the early in the morning, I couldn’t find the immigration as you see the following picture. The booth was only one…

IMG 0522

You can enjoy the coffee, if you have time. But I would suggest you have the breakfast in Langkawi.

IMG 0523

In my case, it was on time all the time until arrive in Koh Lipe.

IMG 0524

After you arrive in Langkawi, you need to do the two mandatory things. Firstly, it should be exchange. You see the main bank in Malaysia at the exit, after you go through the baggage claim. If you do not have the Thai Bhats, you should exchange the Thai currency as well. However, the currency rate was very bad, because exchange trough Malaysia Ringgit. I would like to recommend you go to ATM in Seven Eleven directly, after you arrive in Koh Lipe immediately.

IMG 0527

Secondly, of course, it should be to get the Sim card as well. I chose RM61 for the high usage user. I suppose it was enough to use around one week travel. As the result, I am just surprised at the speed of LTE. It was similar to the JP speed.

IMG 0528

Then, if you have enough time to do something, you can go to Cenang Mall directly from the airport. It takes around 10 – 20 minutes within RM20. You can walk around there to find the suitable restaurant.

IMG 0535

Then, I went to the Telega terminal to take ferry. You get the round ticket in the website in advance as well. So far, I did not confirm the full booking for your information.

IMG 0540

The system of the immigration from Malaysia to Thai was very tradition and out of the fluent system. You need to enjoy. Many travellers complaint that the passport was taken until they arrived in Koh Lipe. I have the same feeling. If the staff loose the passport, what do we do ??? We need to pray… But usually, there is no issue. Don’t worry.

IMG 0542

This picture was immigration. Good Luck!

IMG 0546

After finished everything, you can enjoy drinking with reading book for instance. There is nothing to do there. You will find the only one Arabic restaurant.

My departure time was 14:30 and arrive at 15:00. It took around 1.5 hours via one hour difference from Malaysia to Thai. I arrived around there by the traditional boat!

IMG 0571

After I received the passport, eventually, I arrived at Mountain resort. I booked around JPY 9,000 per night.

IMG 0591

The shuttle from the hotel to the downtown was available from 15:00 to 23:00 in front of the hotel. Very useful. I went to the downtown for dinner like that. I love hamburger. It was similar price to the hotel restaurant.

IMG 0707 IMG 0706

For lunch, you find the variety from Sandwiches to Thai food.

IMG 0721 IMG 0596

Sunset was super beautiful the beach in the hotel.

IMG 0701

In addition, you see the sunset from the beach near the downtown.

IMG 0575

Sometimes, I ate the Thai curry, which was super hot!

IMG 0578

After I spent 3 nights there, I moved back to Langkawi via the following immigration. That’s funny. Again, the passport was taken…

IMG 0784

This is the boat for the ferry again. The departure time was at 10:30 and I arrived around 12:30.

IMG 0785

I got the snack for lunch, then, I went to the ropeway directly by taxi. It took around 10 minutes from Telega terminal. You should go directly with your small baggage.

IMG 0802

Then, I stayed the family resort in one night in Langkawi. It was located near the airport and taken around 20 minutes. The hotel name was Aseania resort Langkawi. All hotels are booked in Expedia for your reference.

IMG 0842

Then, I took the flight at 17:00 on 14.Jan to go to Kuala Lumpur. Remark: You do not have to carry everything, especially any liquids. You can buy there. And you see the following. Why do you need the folk for the resort?

IMG 0866

The airport was very unique. After the gate, you should walk to the airplane like that. I was excited to see the big airplane from the ground.

IMG 0869

After I arrived at the Kuala Lumpur KLIA2, I took the train immediately to go to Bugit Bintang. The access was very good and easy. I checked in WOLO budget bintang hotel

IMG 0879

I went to Tokyo street near the hotel.

IMG 0892

Picked up Mango, which was my favourite!

IMG 0897

Do you like the gadget? You find each parts to assemble…

IMG 0907

The third wave coffee!

IMG 0912

Twin tower!

IMG 0926

Near the arabic museum…

IMG 0997

Then, I went back to Japan at 15:00 and arrived 22:25. The access was very good from Sentral. But I suppose there was not enough time to go to the different station.

IMG 1048

This trip was really nice. I change my environment immediately day by day and think about myself.

Have a nice trip!


The next article will be regarding the price allocation.


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