The Bluetooth certificaiton of Moment case


I would like to purchase the lens and the case of Momentlens. These products are fantastic in terms of the optical technology. I will be able to change my iPhone to the professional DSLR camera with them.

The key feature is to have the shutter button like the general camera on the case. However, it is worked via Bluetooth connection. According to my recent experience in Japan, the venture company in the other company did not know the JP regulation and some products do not have the certification of Bluetooth in Japan. Thus, I just sent the question to MomentLens a couple of days ago. I received the answer from them within 48 hours, which is fantastic!

Yes, we went through all the proper Japanese Bluetooth certification. We do have the Giteki certification. 

This is the answer from them. Yes, there is no issue to use in Japan in terms of the regulation. And also, I can see several certification mark like FCC, CE and so on for the US and EU market.

The case for iPhone 6 Plus will be available next month. I am sure that I purchase it as soon as possible and looking forward to introducing here as well.


Here, written in JP.

Moment のケースですが、シャッターボタンはBluetoothで動きます。




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